KIMBERLY TYLER     |     b.a., vanderbilt university

Kimberly Tyler is the owner, creative director, and lead designer at Sojourn.  

An academically renowned writer, researcher, and strategist, Kimberly worked as a management consultant in charge of communications strategy for a Fortune 500 company before pursuing academia full-time. Trained as a medical anthropologist with an interdisciplinary healthcare background, she spent several years doing independent research alongside Vanderbilt faculty with the intent of pursuing her Ph.D.

In 2015 she took a life-changing risk in which she dropped everything, sold all her possessions, and moved to London in order to be with her other half.

Living in Europe was the catalyst for a new life project and creative endeavor - the launch of the Sojourn brand and her boutique design studio.

Kimberly started Sojourn Weddings after moving back to the states from England. She currently lives in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas with her husband, Byron, and their precocious pup, Zelda. 



BYRON TYLER     |     b.e., m.s.f., vanderbilt university

Byron Tyler is an energy finance professional working for a Swiss trading company. He has international management experience, working for multi-billion dollar companies since 2011. His job has brought him to London, Geneva, and Singapore for work.

Beyond numbers and spreadsheets, Byron has a flair for food, wine, beer, music, and adventure. He is the go-to guy for music at Sojourn and helps to curate dining and travel experiences.