Announcing our Soft Launch

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On the first day of spring, I went to lunch with a dear friend here in Houston and shared my news over a bowl of crawfish. I am so grateful for friends like these—the ones who are exceedingly positive with a kind of confidence and zest for life that just might just be contagious. 

I've been lucky to make a friend like this everywhere I've lived; naturally, they are the ideal person to entrust with any kind of tentative news, or to test the waters on a new idea.

There is an implicit sense of accountability that comes with announcing your hopes and wishes; when others become aware of your goals, they hold you to them. And when you vocalize a dream that has been tucked away in the back of your mind, you give it life. 

March 20th is the day I publicly announced my business for the first time. The pieces had been in play since December, but without compelling clarity or conviction. I literally woke up one morning a few days prior with my 'Aha!' moment and said, This is it; this is what I'm going to do.

Living as an American expat in London and traveling nearly full-time for more than two years changed me as a person—and for the better. Something I had previously viewed as a resume gap was now one of my biggest competitive advantages.

And while Houston was the last place I wanted to relocate to upon our return to the US, the low cost of living and easy lifestyle here has been a blessing, affording us a healthy cushion from which I was able to take my biggest risk to date.

"I've decided to start a business," I announced to my closest friend in my new city that was suddenly starting to feel like home. 

And just like that, Sojourn Weddings was born.

Kim Tyler